Hire a boyfriend to meet her and the ending

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Lena didn't want to make her grandmother sad because she didn't have a lover, so she lied and said she had a boyfriend. And then her grandmother decided to visit and meet her boyfriend. Lena went online to search for a boyfriend rental service. After finding a guy she liked, she immediately made an appointment. The guy she hired was Xander, with a tall body and handsome face that captivated her. Xander constantly had intimate actions in front of her to show his affection, making Lena feel shy but excited. When she dropped the plate of cake on the ground, Lena bent down under the table to pick it up and Xander inserted his fingers into Lena's braid from behind to hook it, making Lena so happy that she didn't want to stand up. Lena's grandmother went into the kitchen to make some more cake, and the two of them ate.

Hire a boyfriend to meet her and the ending

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