Lucky computer repairman

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Coming to a private house to repair a computer at the customer's request, lucky employee Chad Rockwell meets the homeowner's beautiful daughter. Stella Cox actively made erotic movements to make Chad become horny and come to her. Even though his father was watching a movie, the two had a short time to pleasure themselves together. Everything reached its climax when Stella's father went out to buy fast food, and the young IT worker took advantage of the opportunity to do cool positions that he had seen in the sex movies he watched. Stella seemed to like it very much. She smiled contentedly when everything ended. This was also the time her father had just arrived home. He looked at Stella with a surprised look when his daughter had not a single piece of cloth on her body. Covering her body, her face was covered in semen. The young man repairing the computer had returned without realizing it.

Lucky computer repairman

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