Fucking her ex-childhood lover

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Mina and Kazuya, my husband and I, have been close friends since childhood. We haven't seen each other for a long time. Today, because we had to move house, Kazuya called me to help. Actually, when I was young, I fell in love with Mina, and we were always together. Mina is like a boy, she always bullies me. But maybe because she had to wait too long for me, she gave up and went on a date with Kazuya. From then on she gradually became more feminine. It's been a long time since we last met, Mina has now become a charming woman. Her big round butt and attractive breasts made me feel captivated. Mina wasn't careful at all, her sweat-wet braless breasts were almost completely exposed to my eyes, and her thong panties were glimpsed through her tight pants. Because Kazuya had to go on a business trip the next day, he asked me to help him pack up his belongings so that the movers could pick them up quickly. That night, the couple continuously offered me alcohol and told me to sleep at their house. At night, while I was going to deal with my sadness, I caught a couple having sex. I couldn't take my eyes off Mina's beautiful body so I was discovered by her. But she didn't stop and seemed to moan even louder. The next day Kazuya left for a business trip, leaving Mina and I alone in this house. Looking at her big round butt swinging continuously in front of me made me unable to resist anymore and rushed in to invade her! She resisted at first, but then immediately confessed that she had feelings for me before and enjoyed their last happy moments with me, ending an incomplete love affair that had been going on for a long time. ...

Fucking her ex-childhood lover

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